About us

Meet the team We appreciate you supporting a small Maine business and thought you might like to meet the part time team of pine helpers. While we aren’t amazon logisticians (just yet) we are working hard behind the scenes to get product in your hands as quickly as possible. Because we harvest fresh, this is a process (not a typical stocked item on a shelf) From: scouting, foraging, shucking, sifting, weighing, brewing & bottling tincture and hand packing each and every order. We put a lot of love into the process.

Stevi - Forager extraordinaire Stevie is helping us forage a few days a week, when she is not busy studying to become a clinical licensed therapist where she hopes to council couples. Stevi is an Army Veteran and a badass lady who has built her own home that looks over the foothills of the White Mountains to the West. She also grows amazing sunflowers and has a sweet yellow lab named Aspen. Stevi used to be a snowmobiling guide, and is an incredible massage therapist.

Todd - Forager & site scouting specialist Todd is an accomplished outdoorsmen here in Maine and when he is not scouting & foraging you can find him hunting and fly fishing. Todd is a homesteader & the proud owner of Ezzie’s Brook farm, a small farm where he raises chickens, ducks, geese and pigs. He takes pride in taking really good care of his animals offering locally raised eggs and humanely raised meat from farm to table. Todd’s foraging sidekick is Heidi a 1 year old German Shepard who is a sweet as can be, full of energy, and sometimes scares the Fed EX driver with her big bark.

Nicole - logistics master Nicole has a bachelors in psychology and is working to become licensed clinical social worker. When she is not busy helping us process pine needles, she is working helping women in the legal system recovering from abusive situations. Nicole also helps out Todd at Ezzie's brook farm. She truly has a heart of gold and works in service helping women. Nicole has the best sense of humor and keeps anyone she is working with laughing all day which is really appreciated in these times.

Ashley - Captain of the pine ship You may know me from the home page.  I’m Ashley. If you have called or emailed you’ve talked to me. I am a nature focused,  freedom loving, diligent independent researcher, compassionate, self sufficient, earthy type... and a big believer in plant medicines. My favorite foraging find is always Reishi mushrooms. I realized how many people didn’t have access to White Pine, or maybe don’t feel confident foraging, so I started  this service in hopes to make this tree tea and concentrate and other beneficial local goodies  accessible to you. I love to grow veggies and also grow hemp for medicinal CBD & CBG. I also have a background in event management and logistics, and worked many years as a wilderness guide!

Chapo - The real boss Or Chapi as we also call him is our furever foreman, quality controlling the process and making sure we all stay on task. Chapo is a rescue from Puerto Rico where he was once a street dog in a past life, before becoming a coniferous tree specialist in the North East. Chapo is a free spirit and loves to run away to crash weddings at the neighboring wedding barn venue. 

We love hearing from you, for any questions or feedback, feel free to reach out :)